Every cell in your body, as well as your existence, depends on water. If we don’t drink enough water, we won’t be able to perform at our best and will eventually die.

Too little water consumption can lead to dehydration, whereas too much water consumption can lead to hyponatraemia, or water-intoxication.

Diluting blood by drinking too much water results in the body’s ability to function properly being affected. Drinking the appropriate amount of water is crucial, but so is drinking it at the right time.

Consume water throughout the day, as well as any other liquids you consume, and eat water-rich meals including fruit and vegetables with a high water content, juice, soup, and yoghurt in addition to other liquids you consume.

Do not try to drink all of your water in one sitting; instead, sip it throughout the day. To avoid flooding your kidneys and diluting the concentrations of minerals in your body, drinking water should be done gradually over time. A disease known as brain oedema, which can cause coma, convulsions, brainstem herniation, and even death, can occur as a result of consuming an excessive amount of fluids all at once.

Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, present in water, are essential to the normal operation of your body, since they maintain fluid balance in your body, which is key to the health of your muscles and nerve cells.

If you’re going to be working out for a lengthy period of time, you should drink a lot of water before and during the activity. It’s important to drink more water if you’re outside in the heat for any reason, or if you’re sick, because sweating depletes your body of water.


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