Water pollution is a popular topic that has been brought to the attention of countries all around the world. As one of the leading global issues we face, there is a significant need to correct the errors that have been made over the past few decades and are still being made in the governments of both 1st and 3rd world countries till this very day.

Not only has water pollution affected the oceans and the habitats of millions of sea species, but it has also affected humans. People often forget that it’s thus, not only the oceans that get affected, but also the rivers, lakes and freshwater springs that provide countries with clean drinking water. Needless to say; the effects caused by pollution, are placing both humans and the quality of life for all species, in danger.

The Effects Caused by Water Pollution

  • Human health – Since all humans require water to survive, there’s no going around not consuming it daily. Water pollution causes countless health dangers to humans that consume water that has been contaminated.
    • Contaminated water increases the risks of one’s health and can cause acute symptoms, such as severe nausea and vomiting.
    • Mercury levels in oceans pose a risk to sea life, leaving fish and plant species susceptible to get sick and die. An increased level of mercury in fish can also affect children and pregnant women’s unborn babies, as high levels of mercury could also cause a fragile central nervous system, to become damaged.
    • Toxic runoffs that contain fish must not be consumed, as these fish contain toxins and could poison humans.
  • Ecological effects – Pollutants found in waterways, could impact the temperature of water, which forces fish to migrate to cooler waters, causing ecological dead-zones.
  • Oil spills cause a lot of damage to the world freshwater and oceanic water. Oil spills, like the BP deepwater horizon catastrophe and Exxon Valdez, has caused pollution at an incredibly big scale, in the past, leading to the deaths of countless dolphins and sea life.
  • Algae doesn’t stop growing in polluted waters and thus, suffocates the fish and plants that require oxygen within these waters, to survive.

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