When thinking of the name scuba, the first thing to come to mind is an essential piece of equipment that could possibly save one’s life when roaming in the ocean.

Whether you’re familiar with the typical water sport, scuba diving, or are trying it out for the first time, there are a few fun facts you need to know, as well as the reason why so much emphasis is placed on the importance thereof.

The name ‘SCUBA’ refers to the phrase: Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, which means that it is quite important for those who would like to dive down into the ocean, or perhaps even just go for a shallow swim.

The apparatus was first named ‘Aqua-Lung’ and was introduced in 1943 when Jacques Cousteau invented it.

Once the military of countries all around the world discovered this significant piece of apparatus, created by the professional diver himself, they immediately took note of it and started to manufacture it. This was mainly because they recognized the need for it, especially in the US military, as breathing underwater was something that could come in handy for them, hiding from their enemies during times of war.

Improving the Scuba Design

By making use of enriched-air nitrox, which added to the improvement of this incredible innovation, the aqua-lung was established and launched onto the market.

It is thus, America who played a crucial role in creating one of the most important pieces of diving equipment in history, which also became successful, due to their dedication towards the breathing device. Little did they know that the device would become popular and sold all over the world.

Till today, fast-forwarding over six decades later, there are countless different versions to purchase, including far more developed and intricate pieces of equipment, to support your scuba dive.

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