Do you love the idea of having a swimming pool in your backyard?

If your answer is yes, and you’ve been thinking of not purchasing a plastic one that you can set up yourself, but rather have one built in, which would add to the effect of a paradise-inspired home, then there are a few things you must know before going ahead with your master plans.

Even though you might think that installing a swimming pool at your home is easy to do, there’s a lot of things to consider, which if not considered, could cost you at the end of the day, so take note.

4 Things to consider before building your dream swimming pool

#1 It isn’t a once-off expense

In case you missed it after you’ve spent a couple thousand on installing a pool, you’ll have to continue paying the bills that follow, which will include paying for water to fill up your pool, paying for maintenance and upkeep, as well as buying products to clean it regularly.

#2 You will need home insurance

You must check with your insurance company and check the policy rate, which is likely to increase after you’ve installed a pool. Considering that pools open a door for a safety risk, you’ll have to pay a little extra for insurance.

#3 It’s a lot of work

While hiring a pool guy once a week is a nice idea, it’s too expensive and not realistic at all. To keep your pool clean, especially after a rainy day or season, you’ll have to clean it thoroughly and as often as you can. You’ll also have to ensure that the pH levels are well-balanced, and the water stays crystal clean all year around.

#4 It will take up space

Unless you want a small pool, having a big, built-in pool, takes up a lot of space, which you might have used for other reasons before getting a pool.

Also, the last thing you want to do is place your pool underneath trees. You will suffer in the end.

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