Rivers are undoubtedly one of the most important natural resources that we as humans, and the entire environment, have been blessed with. There are literally tons of trash residing in rivers all around the world as we speak, and the epidemic of illness caused by this human-inflicted disaster is absolutely heartbreaking.

The trash that has already reached rivers springs and creeks are even smelling like a dump site, making it even more volatile to human health than ever before.

Considering that millions of people make use of rivers as their main water supply daily, it is also causing many to become ill and have already caused scores of deaths, especially in rural countries, such as Africa and the Middle East.

Rivers are crucial for life

Rivers is and will always remain a very important source of water that is needed for use by humans, animals, and the entire environment.

Now, of course, rivers get purified before reaching our taps, or at least that’s the way it should be, but looking at most places in Africa, for instance, governments often can’t afford to purify water whatsoever.

If rivers remain polluted and don’t get cleaned up, the spread of disease and bacteria will also become worse, making it either very difficult or impossible to clean water.

This is the mere reason why it is crucial for every country to ensure that their river systems are protected from pollution.

The effect of water pollution on habitats and ecosystems are also a major epidemic because all animals are reliant on water for life. Many species have become very endangered over the years, specifically due to water pollution.

The mere effort of cleaning up a single river in a country, could immensely reduce the risks of human health, and improve the quality of life for any country. Less trash in and around rivers, or the entire environment, could not only aid in the health of the individuals living in a country, the environment and the sustainability thereof, but also improve the lifestyle and future of a country improving.

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