If you have memories of visiting crystal-clear blue lakes before, then you know just how tempting it is to want to swim in them. After all, it looks like they contain some of the freshest waters in the world, doesn’t it?

In fact, some people, especially indigenous people, trust the quality of water found in lakes so much, that they enjoy drinking from it, swimming in it, and using it to fulfill their daily household activities and needs.

After taking a closer look to certain lakes, however, it is advised that you think twice before dipping your toes into these lakes, especially this one.

Lake Natron

As one of the deadliest lakes in the world, its beauty though might suggest otherwise. Then again, just because something is beautiful, doesn’t mean you should ever touch it.

Located in Tanzania, it’s not so much the beauty of the lake that may attract you, but it could very well be the creatures that are turned into stone.

We bet the flamingos and every walk of life that drank from this serene body of water did not expect to literally become a stone sculpture of themselves.

It is considered an extremely bizarre phenomenon, and while many traditional Africans might think that it is cursed in some way, there is, in fact, a science behind it.

Since the lake contains an incredibly high level of alkaline content, the water in it cannot be touched, nor consumed.

It is very caustic and burns animals that get too close to it binds them and then fills their nasal cavities with poison, that turns them into a black, hardened rock.

Lake Natron is a salt-lake and is considered a dead-end lake, as it doesn’t drain into the ocean or any surrounding river, which is why it hasn’t affected any other water life. You are only likely to find species of flying birds, bats, or land animals that might have been affected by the deadly lake.

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