I am sure that you are all as tired as I am of hearing how we should drink more water, but do you know exactly why it is that doctors and scientists keep on telling us to drink more water? Do you know how your body works and how important drinking water is to its working at its best?

The facts are that water can be found everywhere in your body, and it regulates every single bodily function. Without sufficient water, which should be about 70% of your total body weight, your body cannot do what it needs to do.

Some of the most important bodily functions for which your body requires water include:

  • Absorption and transport of nutrients into cells and tissues
  • Balancing of hormones
  • Blood and lymph flow throughout your body
  • Core body temperature regulation
  • Cushioning and lubrication and of joints
  • Cushioning and regulation of organs
  • Movement of nerve impulses through the nervous system
  • Various Brain functions
  • Waste removal from the cells

Drinking water regularly will ensure that your body remains hydrated and therefor healthy and able to ward off many infections or illnesses, and can also cure many others, including addictions; autoimmune disorders; mental disorders; cancer; circulation problems; spinal problems; migraines; weight loss; diabetes; muscles and joint pain and inflammation; strokes; gall and kidney stones; kidney or liver dysfunction; gastrointestinal problems; hearing and sight problems; heart disease; hormonal issues; impaired brain function and memory; tension headaches; skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis; and water retention.

Make sure that you drink sufficient water throughout the day every day; even if you think that it is not really hot so you don’t need to or that you don’t need to drink water because you just sit behind a desk all day. Remember, your body cannot store water and you lose water throughout the day from normal bodily functions.

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