When you swim or take a bath/ shower, water is likely to fill your ears. When lifting your head out of the water, it may still be in your ears, causing you to want to shake your head.

This is something that comes as a natural tendency yet poses a lot of danger. It’s a distinctive reaction to want to shake your head to remove any blockage of water there may be. However, people are now advised by medical practitioners to not do this. It could pose serious health risks to you, and particularly for small children whose brains are still in the process of being developed.

Suggested by a New Study

A team of researchers from Cornell University has found that shaking one’s head could potentially accelerate the force involved when ejecting water from one’s ear canal. This could lead to brain damage, which can be quite severe.

Since our brains are responsible for operating our bodies, ensuring it works efficiently, this could potentially cause damage throughout our bodies too, as well as affect our nervous systems and the way we move.

The acceleration experiment of shaking the head was practiced on glass tubes, as well as 3D printed ear canals, which endured a force of 10 times the amount of standard gravity on infant ear sizes. This experiment proved that shaking water out of the ear could thus cause extensive brain damage. These experiments are conducted on printed ear canals instead of people as it is dangerous.

Even though you may not think that it could cause damage to your ears or brain, it’s best to tilt your head to one side and then to the other, and ensure your children do are taught to do the same for safety purposes.