Despite all the negativity that has been lurking all over the internet and the news, there are reasons to believe that the world water crisis is indeed salvageable and that our new generation has received some sense of enlightenment to help sustain the earth.

Is damage to the earth’s atmosphere and water irreversible? In some instances, yes, but in others, no.

A study conducted in the U.S. by U.S. Forest Service discovered that 204 water basins would potentially not meet monthly water demands by 2071. More data provided from the World Resources Institute’s Aqueduct tool diverts more attention to global water stress and found that up to 17 countries containing a quarter of the world’s population will face extreme water scarcity going forward. As it stands, water issues are already on the incline in Mexico City, India, and Los Angeles, among many other countries.

However, tacking some of the worst water crises’ in the world or even something as difficult to reduce as air pollution, there is hope going forward. With a lot of effort and persistence, people can indeed change the world. Although the press has presented nothing but a negative picture, there is new hope that has been introduced to the world.

Solutions Hoped to Tackle Global Water Scarcity

Now, there are already countless solutions to fight water scarcity available on the market. Major corporations and governments have also taken the initiative to step in and develop more advanced technologies to aid in the sustainability of their country’s future.

Effective technologies that specialize in water reuse has also been designed and continues to improve with the help of integrating technology. Water reuse is also referred to as recycled water.

Finally, desalination is set to have a massive impact on countries globally. Even though this method of purifying seawater for use has only been implemented in a few countries, it has the potential to solve the global water crisis, leaving more than just a little hope for the future.