Forming a part of the Bermuda Triangle, the Bahamas has faced one of its biggest hurricanes yet.

The hurricane, known as hurricane Dorian, occurred on the 2nd of September in 2019. It led to water scarcity, which seems quite funny to believe since hurricanes are known for bringing an abundance of rain to the land. However, since it has caused a substantial amount of damage to the Bahamas, even local stores have been forced to sell their water and ice at a cost of next to nothing.

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Now, three months later, the tap water still isn’t considered safe to drink whatsoever and won’t be fit for consumption at least until June 2020, as reported by the Grand Bahama Utility Company.

For now, residents and tourists have no other choice but to rely on bottled water resources until freshwater resources are restored and may be consumed from the taps.

To worsen matters even further, many local residents still haven’t been able to move back into or restore their homes, due to damage caused by excessive flooding. Some have also lost their belongings due to it getting damaged along with their homes in the hurricane. Victims of flooded homes have been forced to live in tents until everything is restored. Some residents haven’t been able to return to their jobs. Currently, the government is supporting those who still haven’t managed to move back into their homes.

Needless to say, the entire island-country’s operations have in some sense, been placed on hold. Even though the recovery of the island-country is still hanging in the air, residents remain hopeful that with every passing day, things will get a little easier. Locals have also put in the effort to support those who have been affected by the hurricane, providing them with food supplies, but most importantly, clean water.

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