As the most important resource in the world, water is also considered as one of the resources that have the most interesting and diverse range of facts. This furthermore tends to interest consumers as the individuals of each and every country tend to appreciate water, even more, these days.

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Water

  1. 68.7% of fresh water is not used and is trapped in glaciers on earth

Crazy? We think yes. There is 30% of fresh water underneath our feet that is salvageable as a water resource in nearly every country in the world.

  1. 1.7% of water globally is frozen and unusable unless melted, which is pretty impossible if you consider the size of some icebergs.
  2. Approximately 6800 gallons of water is needed to harvest enough food for a family of four. Another crazy fact, one of which cannot be denied as humans need water to grow food.
  3. In one day alone, 200 million work hours are used by women all around the world to collect water for their husbands and children.
  4. Contaminated and unclean water kills 200 children an hour.
  5. 70% of the human brain consists out of water. Which is no doubt as to why it is such an important and essential resource for living?
  6. In some countries, there are more than half of the population that does not have access to pure water and thus get illnesses from consuming contaminated water.
  7. When born, babies consume seven times more water per pound than the average adult. This is only within their first 6 months of living.
  8. Every day, more than a cup of water is lost on earth, and this is shockingly due to humans that exhale it.
  9. In 2025, half of the world’s population will experience high levels of water-stress in their countries.

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