How to clean a bottled water coolerHow to maintain a water cooler?

Servicing and how you care for your water cooler can be done by a company like ourselves or by the customer themselves.  The danger in servicing the water dispenser oneself is it can be a messy job and takes time and equipment.  Also a cold only water cooler is far easier to service than a cooler that also provides hot heated water

How do I clean a cheap reservoir type bottled cooler?  Here is a ten step approach on how to look after your cooler and clean it (known as sanitization)

  1. First of all how do you take the bottle off the water cooler?  The bottle will typically have a self sealing cap and when lifted up vertically off the cooler (try not to tilt until fully off the spike) will not leak.
  2. Once removed the top of the cooler can usually be unscrewed and removed from the cooler.
  3. At the back of the cooler a small tap should be able to be located about half way down – this can be used to drain the excess water left in the cooler into a bucket – this will take a little time to drain off
  4. Once drained empty the bucket
  5. With a clean cloth and specialist cleaning agent provided clean the inner reservoir of the cooler and flush cleaning agent through the hot tank as necessary. Spray clean the spike and surrounding area with and without the lid
  6. Flush through the cooler a bucket of water to remove any cleaning agent in the cooler and drain off into a second bucket.
  7. Once you are satisfied sufficient water has been flushed (be careful as if you flush insufficient water it will effect the taste for the first couple of days afterwards – From a health point there is no risk in this if using one of our sanitization kits but not terribly pleasant) so you are warned.
  8. Having replaced the lid remove the drip tray – this typically can be clicked out of the front of the cooler and then left to soak in a descaler – Typically a cooler company will swap this out with a pre-cleaned drip tray as otherwise it can take time to dissolve. Again the drip tray should be emptied and sprayed with cleaning agent.
  9. The front and side panels of the cooler can now be addressed and cleaned using a sterilizing agent
  10. Lastly before putting the bottle back on, you might want to give it a wipe down so the cooler is left fully spick and span.

As the worlds and London’s leading water cooler blog, we will be posting further posts about how to clean water coolers such as our Executive and Star models, as well as various mains fed water cooler so watch this space.