Limpopo Mayor, John Mpe, living just outside Polokwane in Mamatsha village close to Moria, has decided to share much-needed water with approximately 250 households on the 1 st of June.

The urgency for water in the community came when there was an increased need for water supply to households due to the Molapo Dam that dried out water to the surrounding communities. There is especially a demand for water for hygienic purposes as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The region has
seen a drier season than previous years, which is hoped to improve with time.

Currently, water trucks are being provided to residents and get delivered weekly or biweekly to support everybody’s needs during the unprecedented pandemic. Capricorn district is particularly in need and has sparked a need for water in the Blouberg, Lepelle-Nkumpi, as well as the Molemole local municipalities.

Continues Development in Limpopo for the People

Thanks to John Mpe, a borehole was drilled especially for the residents of the Polokwane regions and was presented as a reliable source of water supply that will extend into the months to come. Since drilling the single borehole has managed to support up to 250 households, and provided relief to those in need, the municipality plans on drilling more boreholes in the villages to ensure the uninterrupted supply of water to residential households. Even though water trucks were hired by municipality officers, they were deemed unreliable during the midst of the pandemic, along with several other governmental services. The boreholes thus have provided a better solution for all the parties involved. The municipalities of Limpopo are now all devising plans together to build reliable and sustainable water supply resources instead of temporary ones. Due to the low rainfall patterns in the Capricorn district, 80% of the area is dependent on groundwater, which has forced the budget of R627.7 million to be allocated water schemes, along with R52 million for the ongoing maintenance of water infrastructure.