Are Ozone Water Treatment Systems Becoming More Popular?Ozonation has been utilised in Nice, France since 1906 to disinfect mountain stream water as it is seen as the strongest oxidant and disinfectant available for potable water treatment. Ozone works quickly and effectively at low concentrations, and its oxidising power can be improved by combining it with UV or peroxide.

Various studies have concluded that bacteriophage MS-2, poliovirus, Giardia cysts and Hepatitis A virus were completely inactivated by ozone treatment with just 5 minutes contact time.

Ozonation can be successfully utilised for various water treatments, including disinfection, taste and odour control, nitrite and cyanide destruction, iron and manganese oxidation, colour removal, H2S removal, algae destruction and removal, as a coagulant aid, and the oxidation various organics including phenols, some pesticides, and some detergents.

Ozone water treatment satisfies a broad variety of applications in commercial, industrial, and municipal settings and is successful because of various factors, including:

  • The fact that an ozone generator is employed on-site to produce ozone, which eliminates the need to store any potentially hazardous, chemicals;
  • Ozone breaks down into oxygen once it has completed its role as a disinfectant or an oxidant, which minimises environmental impact;
  • Ozone generators are highly reliable and economical;
  • Ozonation technology is available from a number of suppliers for even the smallest public water system applications;

Complete turnkey ozone water treatment systems that can produce from one 0,5kg per day to in excess of 600kilograms/day of ozone are now available. The systems can treat up to 80 MGD of drinking water.

Recently Spartan Environmental sold its first turnkey ozone water treatment system for ground water remediation to a company in the Southeastern United States. The computer-controlled system is remotely monitored and the data is stored in the cloud and a cellular network handles the communication. If a problem with the system is discovered, operators are notified without delay.

The system has been rigorously tested and utilised in a wide range of water treatment applications including treating wastewater for a US Army munitions plant as well as for a major aerospace company.

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