Ever seen a domestic animal such as a dog drink water throughout the day? It probably makes you think, “How on earth do you drink that much water?”

Well, although we tend to skip the thought of water when we get thirsty or don’t remind ourselves to drink enough water a day, animals only have water to clinch their thirst and while it might seem like the blandest thing on earth, just like us, animals need an adequate amount of water in order to fulfil all the vital functions it provides their bodies with.

Considering all the bodily processes supported by water, animals need enough water to regulate their body temperature, keep them hydrated and overall, fight disease and sustain their life. Water is thus an important medium that allows for all the necessary chemical reactions in their bodies and when compared, when it comes to the reasons for consuming water, they’re completely relevant to ours.

Energy all day long

One of the main reasons animals drink a lot of water starts with the fact that they need it to produce energy. Think of cattle for instance, after consuming grass every day, all day, their whole entire life… They must be thirsty. It takes a lot of effort to digest grass. Especially when you never stop eating it. If you think of a wildcat such as a lion, for instance, it’s a predator that needs a lot of energy to both chase and hunt. They also must consume a lot of water to keep their digestion in check.

Water to cool down

The body temperature of animals should always stay neutral as animals tend to overheat. We often tend to forget that animals can sweat too, and it doesn’t occur often. When it does occur though, it’s a sign that they need water immediately.

It keeps them balanced, but not like Yoga

An adequate amount of water will help regulate the pH balance in the animal’s body. Just like us, they also have all the same body processes that need to be kept in check and healthy. If their pH balance is not supported by enough water, they could either get very sick or even die.

Therefore, animals cannot live without water, so be sure to give your dog enough water.

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