Imagine the perfect scenery, along with the most beautiful, cleanest shorelines, the perfect conditions when it comes to the wind, the sun, the most pristine white beaches and well, the best crowds.

Let’s face it, when you’re visiting the beach, the last thing you want is one, bad weather and two, people that ruin the view for you. It might even be hard to find the ideal beach, but whether it’s in your city/ hometown or the location abroad, you’re in for some of the best experiences with the most majestic beaches in the world.

Not Just a Trip to You’re Average Beach, but a full-on experience

The Baths, British Virgin Islands

Could you imagine an entire set up of perfectly situated white-like boulders in the ocean? Well, it exists, and you’ll find them on the shores of the amazing island of Virgin Gorda, along with palm-filled mountains. We’re pretty sure you’ll feel like a pirate or mermaid on this beach.

Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos Islands

This beach is considered to be one that you only ever get to see in your dreams… So, pretty much a dream come true. It’s all due to a unique type of light aqua-coloured water that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Along with perfectly white beaches and the best resorts, this one is considered a gem of its own kind. It also has some of the most exquisite coral gardens, a snorkelling trail and boasts with tropical marine life which makes it well, rather perfect for a scuba dive.

Blue Lagoon, Turkey

Located 10 miles from the town of Fethiye, the Blue Lagoon in Turkey consists of the bluest of turquoise waters, the lushest green peaks villas that make for the ‘all you could ever wish for’ holiday. It’s safe to say that this beach is picture perfect and to make things even better, it is also considered a national marine sanctuary which means it’s always in the best shape.

If you’re into diving, especially with a special diversity of sea life, you’re definitely in for a treat.

Makena, Hawaii

That’s right. You didn’t think we would dare leave Hawaii out, did you?

Situated in Maui, with an orange-like sand palette that appears during its sunsets, which also creates a rainbow of colours painted in the sky and on the waters of Hawaii, is Makena. With two beaches referred to as Big Beach and Little Beach, these are two beaches that need to be added to your bucket list. In fact, it would be the biggest a sin not to.

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