Many of us take the availability of water for granted, despite the fact that it is the single most important factor in determining our health and wellbeing.

Without adequate water, our bodies are unable to metabolise the fat that has been stored effectively, which results in improper function.

The following is a list of some pointers that will get you in the habit of drinking the amount of water that is recommended for you each day:

  1. Make it a competition with a colleague at work to see who can consume the most water in the course of a single workday.
  2. Drink a large glass of water at each transitional point throughout the day, such as when you first get up in the morning, right before you leave the house, when you start working, and so on.
  3. Make it easy on yourself by keeping a large water bottle made of plastic and filled with water on your desk at all times so that you can easily access it.
  4. When you drink juice, fill the glass up to the halfway point with water.
  5. You should drink a glass of water as soon as you notice a craving for junk food coming on. You experience satiety in a hurry and spare yourself the calories.
  6. While you’re at work, you should drink one glass exactly on the hour.
  7. Consider having a cup of hot water with honey instead of your morning cup of tea or coffee.
  8. Get yourself a cup of ice to keep at work and keep topping it off from the water cooler in the break room.
  9. In place of ice cubes, try using frozen pieces of citrus fruits like lemon, lime, and orange that have been peeled.
  10. Drink a full glass of water to rehydrate your body after using the restroom after each trip.
  11. Do not let yourself have a diet soda until you have consumed between two and four glasses of water first.
  12. Drink twice as much water as there are grammes of fat in your meal. For example, if you consume anything that has 10 grammes of fat, you should drink 20 ounces of water.
  13. Consume one full glass before each meal and another full glass after each meal.
  14. Always keep a small water bottle that can be refilled with you, and sip from it whenever you have a moment of downtime, such as when you are waiting in line at the bank or sitting on the train.
  15. Make use of a glass with a gold rim, and then fill it with ice water.
  16. After you wake up, the first thing you should do is down two glasses of water.
  17. Bring a bottle of water that holds two litres with you to work and make it a goal to finish it before you leave.
  18. Whether you’re watching television, doing the laundry, or cooking dinner, you should always have a bottle of water nearby.
  19. In order to maintain healthy skin, you should drink two glasses of water every day. First you drink, then you do things like cleanse and moisturise, and then you drink some more.
  20. If you want to keep track of how much water you are consuming, drinking out of a large measuring cup made of Pyrex is an excellent method to do it.

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