Water is an essential part of life and it’s required for the sustainability thereof, above anything else. Water can be appreciated and at times, not appreciated, due to the devastation it can cause to millions of people’s lives being affected by tsunamis, flooding, hurricanes and even having a lack of water.

Water can inspire people to be more thankful for something as simple as water and for those who don’t have enough, even more so.

Just where did this phenomenal, yet simple resource come from? We all know about the ocean and then, of course, rivers, dams and springs that are filled with the help of rain that comes from the sky due to condensation, but what more do we actually know?

There Are Many Theories

One of the most common and simplest explanations is of course thanks to science, which tells us how rain is formed and that all of our natural water resources are derived thereof and then you hear the story about the Big Bang, which occurred 13.8 billion years ago, and people are left wondering, was that perhaps it?

Thinking about everything we know, including water, appearing for no apparent reason, there has to be more, apart from the Big Bang that caused water to appear on earth.

Another theory claims water was formulated due to meteorites from Vesta, which has a similar type of chemistry as carbonaceous chondrites, as well as rocks found on the earth. Carbonaceous chondrites could very possibly be the source of which water was derived from since the beginning of time.

It is also thought that 70% of the earth water, made up of the sea, was formed at a later stage, meaning the earth was without water for a period of time before the meteorites dawned on the earth. This, however, are all theories.

Those who don’t believe in science being the answer, have religious beliefs as to how water was created in the beginning.

Either, or, there is no physical evidence of how it was formed, simply beliefs and theories in science.

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