In October, Lindiwe Sisulu, the Minister of Human Settlements, Water, and Sanitation, gave a task to her department to review water issues in South Africa, with the hope to find and create solutions for the country’s current water woes.

She highlighted certain regions in the country where dam levels have dropped, with some reservoirs also losing up to 1% of its water a week, which is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

The department also identified more areas in the country that is currently facing drought or may potentially face drought in the future. Many water reservoirs in densely populated regions, such as Gauteng, are not keeping up with the demand of water.

Solutions for Issues Regarding Water Scarcity, which Persist in Parts of the Country

While the Western Cape has managed to recover from its drought quite nicely, water levels have dropped with 13.3% from 73.3% to 60% in general dam levels in South Africa.

Both the Eastern Cape and Gauteng are experiencing several cases of drought, which are just two regions in serious trouble, facing water scarcity, which has just got worse over time. However, Sisulu announced several interventions that are being set in place to improve water supply, along with water sustainability into the future.

The first intervention will be to complete construction on all water projects, which were initially created with the idea to improve water scarcity in areas of drought. The next is to refurbish any dysfunctional boreholes in areas most prone to experience drought, as well as assigning a team of experts to solve the current water crisis in areas already experiencing severe drought. Finally, the department will also address any dysfunctional water pipes, dams, and reservoirs, which could potentially save a lot of water currently being lost.

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